Being Conformed

Being conformed. I tried really hard to think up a good blog name. Something that was descriptive of me and covered what I wanted to blog about. Came up with a few, mostly cutesy ones. (All the ones with words like zealot, rebel, and extreme were taken) Even asked a few friends and family for their thoughts and suggestions. But I never asked what anyone thought of Being Conformed, even though, to me, that best defines who I am. And though I am continuously being conformed, first and foremost, I am being conformed to the image of Christ (per Romans 8:29). And though this blog was created to share with others my journey into healing through the means of dietary changes, it is my hope that God will be glorified in it. Because, ultimately, He is the reason for the changes.

So what kind of things might you expect to read about here, if you happen to read my blog? Lots of great stuff, in my opinion! Stuff like how the food you eat affects your mind and body. Ideas for how to implement the foods that promote good health and avoid those that hurt you. Recipes I’ve found that are helpful, recipes I’ve adapted, even recipes I’ve created! How little changes make big differences. And resources! What’s a blog without resources?

Most of what you read here will be information you can find elsewhere on the web and in other blogs. But this blog is about how my life was radically changed, is being changed, through the things I’ve put into practice. Through the things God has taught me. And those other sites? Well, consider them proof that I’m not part of some lunatic fringe. Lunatic fringe…that might have made an interesting blog name! (Nah, probably taken)

Please be patient with me as I enter the new-to-me world of blogging. I will try to focus more on content than looks design aesthetics. My desire is to help others find their way to better health, even optimum health. And even though I include all readers in that statement, I believe it should be a priority for those who know and serve the Lord. Because how we feel physically AND mentally will affect our service to Him.

This paragraph is especially written to those who are overweight and have struggled for years. Overweight and obesity are not simply a matter of willpower or self-control. We can lose weight through all the many diets available, but how often are the results lasting? (Is the term “human yo-yo” familiar to you?) And how many times is health sacrificed for the sake of a certain size? I well know the embarrassment and shame of being overweight. It has affected my life more than any other illness I’ve encountered. But I want to share some good news! (Not THE Good News, but SOME good news) The good news is there are forces at work in your body that are preventing you from losing weight. Overweight and obesity ARE a disease of the body. Fix those problems and the weight will balance itself out. Am I hawking some diet aid or meals in a can/box? No. Am I promoting some weight loss fad? No. Can I show you pictures of fantastic weight loss? No. But if you’ve tried everything else (or even if you haven’t) and you’re sick to boot, what have you got to lose? (Pun intended) In fact, I challenge everyone who reads this blog with that question.


(Hmm, another good potential blog name!)

Seriously, what have you got to lose? I understand the lack of interest (I use to feel the same way), yet I don’t understand if someone is suffering from pain and sickness, why they wouldn’t give this a try. I mean, how hard is it to alter your diet? It’s not like I’m suggesting you try some epsom salt diet or try some new prescription drug with who-knows-what kind of side effects or long term damage! (“Side effects may include swelling hair, nostril imbalance, delusions, misplacement of the mind, and temporary to permanent out-of-body experiences”) I promise it’s not hard. If I can do it, anybody can! Honest! I don’t like hard things. It’s not as time consuming as you might think and as you begin to feel better (free from pain) and have more energy, you may even want to move on to more involved aspects of food preparation. (I haven’t arrived there yet)

I will end this post with a list of health problems I or my husband have been healed of through our dietary changes.

  • Arthritis (moderate, both knees, diagnosed and “treated” with synvisc shots -so painful!- and far too many NSAIDs)
  • Fibromyalgia-like pain (never diagnosed, but whatever it was, it was extremely painful and debilitating)
  • Depression (who wouldn’t be at this point in the list?)
  • ADD (yes, I took the meds and yes, my mind is now working just fine without them)
  • Allergies (my husband suffered from them all his life to a painful degree; now he drives home from work with the windows down – unless it’s raining! – even on high pollen days)

My husband is losing more weight than I am. I think he eats better (allows more variety), so I think my contributing problems are worse. (No! I’m not talking about self-control!) So stay tuned, because help is on the way!!

And if you would like me to give you one piece of advice to start you on your journey to wellness, it’s this:


Seriously! Do it and see how much better you feel in 3 days. Just don’t replace it with pink, blue, or yellow poison.

One Response to Being Conformed

  1. Stephanie Thomas says:

    I have really enjoyed your recent post. I am so impressed and encouraged by all that you are learning and sharing. I can’t wait to read more!!

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