Menu for the Week

Really struggling with this blog thing, but praying that somewhere, somehow, someway it will help someone, someday. 🙂

Decided to do a menu plan for a week, just as an example of what we eat. This will give readers insight as to how we live out our dietary plan.

Breakfast: gluten-free steel cut oats, soaked overnight, butter, touch of honey or maple syrup and fresh cream
Lunch: salmon salad salad (salmon salad on green salad, homemade mayo)
Supper: meatloaf, summer squash (steamed), sliced cucumber

Breakfast: pancakes with butter and a little syrup or honey
Lunch: leftover meatloaf, salad
Supper: ham, sweet potatoes w/butter, salad

Breakfast: scrambled eggs and sausage
Lunch: salad w/cubed ham
Supper: split pea soup made w/ham bone

Breakfast: sausage quiche
Lunch: split pea soup
Supper: hot wings, cole slaw

Breakfast: eggs (fried or scrambled) and sausage
Lunch: sausage quiche
Supper: goat ribs, butternut squash

Breakfast: sausage gravy and biscuits
Lunch: salmon salad
Supper: dirty rice (rice dish w/chicken livers), salad

Breakfast: granola w/milk (dried oats, walnuts, pecans, raisins, unsweetened coconut flakes)
Lunch: ground buffalo pizza
Supper: egg salad sandwiches on sourdough bread

That’s a pretty good example of what we eat in a typical week. We don’t eat out and we don’t eat any pre-fab food (aka franken food aka processed food). I think it’s a good variety, although I’ve been trying to cut down on grains and legumes. It’s not that I think they aren’t good; it’s a personal decision. I try to always cook enough supper to have lunch the next day. Especially, because I have to send it with the working guys. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t and I have to come up with an alternate plan. Those times I fall back on my “emergency meal” recipes. I also try to cook extra when I make things like meatloaf, because it freezes well and comes in handy in a pinch (like not enough lunch!). I try to serve a lot of salad and change it up with different veggies. (When we first started, most of our meals ended with “served on a bed of lettuce” :D) Sometimes we just use flax oil and ground up spices, lime juice, or a little apple cider vinegar. Sometimes I use homemade mayo or ranch. Since I bought an immersion blender, mayo is a snap.

To clarify, all meat is grass-fed with the exception of things like crab legs or salmon, though we only buy wild Alaskan (preferably sockeye) salmon. Farm raised fish is fed, yep, soy and corn. It’s in everything else, why not the fish?! Also, all dairy products are grass-fed and are raw (fresh) and our eggs are fresh (milk and eggs come from the same farm). I try to buy organic vegetables when possible and try to buy from the farmer’s market or veggie stand. All grains are either sprouted or soaked. All nuts are soaked and toasted overnight in a warm oven. Some of this stuff I get from the Nourishing Traditions book or from the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF). We only use natural sweeteners. I try to use stevia when possible, but we do use Grade B syrup and raw honey.

I do buy some of our food from our local co-op group. I buy things like split peas, canned sockeye salmon, nuts, coconut oil, etc. (If you live in my area, it’s free to join!) I also shop at the Nutrition Stop and once in a while go to Whole Foods.

These are some of the ways we choose to eat better. What do you do? I’d love to hear how you incorporate better food choices into your lives!

2 Responses to Menu for the Week

  1. Stephanie Thomas says:

    Everything sounds wonderful! Thanks for the great ideas!!

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