Homemade Mayo

Mayo, up close

Lots of people make their own mayo. One popular reason is, they don’t want the unnecessary sugar and preservatives found in store bought versions. That’s my reason. When I first started thinking about making my own mayonnaise, it was rather intimidating. When I searched online, I found that it seemed to be a somewhat tedious and rather tricky process. When I couldn’t bring myself to buy another jar of mayonnaise, or more importantly, ranch dressing, I decided to bite the bullet and give it a try.

Following a post online by someone who appeared to have perfected the process, I first tried it with my hand mixer. It was okay. Not great. Very messy. I nearly burned up the motor on my mixer! Then I bought my Nourishing Traditions book. My second try was done in my blender. A little tastier, but what a mess! I had mayo everywhere! Being a die-hard Hellman’s fan (from my low carb days since the 80’s), I was really looking for that Hellman’s taste. I found someone online who had the same dilemma and who thought she had solved it. I tried it, but just didn’t find the taste quite what I was looking for.
With perseverance, I finally landed on the recipe I like. I started with the one by Sally Fallon (Nourishing Traditions and Eat Fat, Lose Fat), then made a few adjustments1. What made a world of difference for me though, was the method of making it. I had been wanting to buy an immersion blender for a while and decided this was as good a reason as any. I found this one at Target. It was just under $20 and is made by Oster. I love it!!! (I was surprised to find so many poor reviews — I haven’t had any trouble with it, but ymmv)

Oster immersion blender

Making mayo is now a breeze. Here’s my recipe, as made with my immersion blender.

(makes approx. 2 cups)

4 egg yolks (preferably fresh from pastured chickens) at room temp
2 tsp of Dijon mustard (natural ingredients, no sugar!)
2 Tbs of whey (optional)
1 tsp lemon juice
1 1/4 – 1 1/2 cups oil (I use 1 cup of Bragg olive oil and 1/4 cup Spectrum organic olive oil)
salt to taste (I use about 1/2 tsp Real salt)
pinch Spanish paprika
liquid stevia (start with about 3 drops, then add to taste) or honey (to taste)

I like to put my oils into a Pyrex (glass) meausring cup. This way I can measure as I add the oils and it has a little spout at the top which makes pouring easier. I love using the Bragg oil. It has such a mild flavor for making mayonnaise. Put all ingredients except oil into immersion blender container. Blend just till combined then slowly pour the oil into the container while using the other hand to run the blender, but be sure to keep the blades at the bottom of the container until it all the oil has been added. Once combined, you can then move the blender up and down to thoroughly mix the oil. Be careful not to let the bottom of the immersion blender go above the top of the liquid, unless you want to redecorate your kitchen in mayo!! (Thanks to Michelle at She Looketh Well for that last tip)

The reason I love the immersion blender process is because most recipes call for slowly adding the oil drop by drop with a dropper. With the immersion blender, the total process takes about 1 minute. (Too much more and the immersion blender starts to get hot, which is stated in the manual) The whey is optional, but with it the mayo keeps for several months and becomes slightly thicker. Without it, it keeps about 2 weeks. If you do use whey, the mayo needs to sit out at room temperature for 7 hours, tightly covered. This ferments the mayonnaise, which not only helps it last longer but is better for you. At the end of the 7 hours, simply refrigerate.

I hope you give it a try. It’s so much better for you and makes wonderful ranch dressing. (Recipe coming)


1One of the changes I made was to reduce the lemon juice from 2 Tbs to 1 tsp. I found I just didn’t care for the sour taste. Not sure of the purpose for it in the original recipe, I left in the 1 tsp. I also added the stevia to offset the tang of the lemon and whey and added the paprika, though probably more for looks than taste.

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5 Responses to Homemade Mayo

  1. Stephanie Thomas says:

    Wow! This looks great Aunt Karen!!

  2. Michelle says:

    Nice post! Thanks for linking to my post. Don’t you just love that immersion blender. I don’t know if I will ever make mayo any other way! Blessings

  3. Teddi says:

    We started making homemade mayonnaise because we were CHEAP! Now we love the taste! I’m going to give your recipe a try. Thanks so much. I love your posts!

    • Thanks, Teddi! I saw your recipe (if I remember correctly you cook yours). Mine may be easier/faster, but I hope you can adjust the taste to your liking. I’d be interested in knowing how you think they compare.

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