The Week in Food

This is my first attempt to join the Tuesday Twister by Wardeh Gnowfglins. It’s a weekly blog post about what we cooked up this past week. Most of what happened in my kitchen were tried and true recipes. I made 2 loaves of sourdough bread, but did add a new seed topping to one of them. My sourdough is made of spelt flour, salt, and water with a homemade spelt starter. This is it before the second rise.
sourdough bread

I bought the 7-seed blend at Marshall’s. It’s amazing what you can find at those discount stores if you are willing to dig around.
seed topping

I also made some breakfast “cereal” with some homemade granola. My husband calls it “The Thinking Man’s Breakfast.” Has something to do with how long it takes to chew it up. 🙂 First I start with soaked and dried nuts and (soaked and dried) long cooking, rolled or steel cut oats. I use pecans.

And cashews.
cashews soaking
I usually soak these during the day, then dry them during the night. Once everything is ready, I just throw it all in a container and add some raisins and coconut. Tasty!

I used our new dehydrator for the first time, opting to dry some mint from our garden in case it didn’t turn out well. It turned out fine, though it took a little longer than I expected.
Now that I’ve broken it in, I can use it to dry my nuts and oats for granola, instead of the oven.

I did venture into making yogurt in an insulated box with a heating pad, since my former yogurt maker (gallon thermos) began leaking. I am hoping to try it in my crock pot, but want to do a temperature check first to make sure it doesn’t get too hot. Anyway, the box method worked out pretty well. I had the insulation I needed without trying to figure out what to do with the cord if I used an ice chest. (The top piece of the box left a small place just right for the cord)

I also made a quart of mayonnaise. I blogged about it here, explaining the ease with which it’s made with my immersion blender. (Mayo in a minute!)

I roasted and peeled some Anaheim green chile, which I love. They are a wonderful addition to many dishes or taste great with some sausage and eggs!
green chile

Those are some of the things that “twisted” in my kitchen this past week. What twisted in yours?


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