Kombucha SCOBY?

I love attempting something new in the kitchen and having it turn out great. To have it look and taste just as I expected. With all new things, in the end whatever I make is either a failure or a success. It’s not like there is an in-between. Or is there? I think I’ve found one. It’s my attempt to grow a Kombucha SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast). Being somewhat extreme in wanting to know all the ins and outs of something before I attempt it, let me assure you, I’ve researched this SCOBY stuff for a while. I’ve read up on all the benefits of drinking Kombucha tea, how to grow or find a SCOBY, how to make the tea, the great savings of making it at home, potential problems I could run into. But I hadn’t actually tasted it till recently. I bought a couple of bottles at Whole Foods and put them in the fridge. Not having had a great (taste) experience with goat milk kefir, I was a little nervous about opening a bottle of Kombucha. From what I’d read, it sounded like it was one of those things you either really like or really can’t stand. After it sat there for a month and the expiration date was looming near, I decided to be brave and have a taste. Not bad. In fact, it kind of grew on me. I drank the first bottle over the course of a few days. Then, just as I started on the second bottle, along came the Kombucha recall. Now I had a choice; I could either wait until the issue with Kombucha sales was resolved or I could attempt to make my own. I decided the latter. I brewed my tea, added my organic raw sugar, poured in a nearly full bottle of Synergy brand Kombucha tea, covered it up and put it in a dark, warm corner. This was on June 25th. A couple of days ago I decided to check on it. I carefully removed the cheesecloth, hoping against hope I’d see a nice, smooth SCOBY or at least, the start of a nice, smooth SCOBY. What I found was not anything I was expecting. I’ve seen pictures of SCOBY’s and mold I can recognize, but this thing, I had no idea if I was growing something healthy or something that might sicken me. (I mean, besides from the way it looked) After doing some quick research online, I decided to cover it back up and give it a few more days. Here’s what I found when I uncovered it today.
view 1
and this
view 2
and this
view 3
and this
view 4
and this
view 5
AND this
view 6

Anybody want to venture a guess as to what I AM growing? Being the brave (“brave” being relative) soul that I am, I tasted it. Somewhat vinegar-y, somewhat Kombucha-y. Wonder how long it takes to get sick from drinking something bad. It doesn’t really look like mold and I think the use of the darker sugar might have caused the darker color of it, whatever it is. I don’t like this “not knowing” stuff. If I knew it was a failure, I’d throw it out. If I knew it was a success, I’d drink it. But what to do with an I-don’t-know? (I can hear some of you saying, “When in doubt, throw it out.”) It would be easier to throw it out if I knew there was more available. Hopefully, I’ll figure it out soon and the answer won’t involve sickness of any kind.

2 Responses to Kombucha SCOBY?

  1. Pierre says:

    So, that’s your SCOBY snack!! LOOL!! 😀

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