Just wanted to post an update of sorts. I rarely do a post that doesn’t contain a recipe or two, but I really feel this post is needed.

I’m currently working on two other posts. One is on resources; what we eat and where I buy it. I’m also hoping to include why we eat what we do, but I haven’t been able to do this without climbing up on my soapbox, so not sure that will make the cut. The second one is a guest post of sorts with my good friend, Rachel. She is such an example to me. She tirelessly works to find (or create) meals to accommodate the SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) her son is on, in an effort to help him find healing from his colitis. Not only does she have fantastic recipes (I shared her simple meatloaf recipe a while back), she has a couple of shops on Etsy. I talked about one of them in the meatloaf post and will be introducing the new one. Stay tuned, because that post will include a discount for first time customers and she has some cool vintage items, as well as some unique items she sews herself!

I’ve made mention a couple of times of our leaning towards eliminating grains from our diet, which may be briefly, long-term, or forever. The latter’s not likely, though. I even talked about my struggles with it in my post called Maneuvering the Dietary Maze. I then mentioned in the Green Enchilada post (Part 1) that we have gone to a grain-free diet. The reasons for this are numerous and I plan to elaborate on them soon. I’m hoping the gf recipes I post will be of help to others, since gluten intolerance to some degree or another seems to be rampant these days. I’ll also discuss how soaking grains, using sprouted flour, and using sourdough may work to alleviate this problem in some. That was my hope for me, but it hasn’t been working out. Thankfully, when the low carb craze hit its peak a few years ago, some very clever cooks got very creative and came up with some wonderful recipes that fit in with the gf diet. What I do is upgrade the ingredients to those that are the most wholesome (to the best of my knowledge), and throw in a few tweaks here and there. Hope you’ll stay tuned!

4 Responses to Ramblings

  1. Diane says:

    Just my opinion, but I’m interested in why you make the food choices you do and don’t mind your soapbox at all. I consider you FAR more educated on these topics than I am and I value your knowledge and opinions. Personally, as much as I value knowing what you eat, and appreciate you sharing your sources, I’m far more interested in the “why” and hope you’ll choose to share


  2. Was walking the fence on it…thanks for the nudge! Thanks also, for your generous assessment of my dietary knowledge. :p

  3. Mary says:

    I found your blog through girlichef’s Hearth ‘n Soul linky and have been looking at this post with interest. I just started last week trying a GF diet and I may be seeing some results, even though I read it’s only supposed to happen six weeks later. I’ll be looking at your recipes, as I’m searching for options. I also saw that you’ve made kambucha, so I’m guessing you’re familiar with Nourishing Traditions?
    I’ll be linking to your blog from mine so I can keep up with your latest posts.
    Thanks for sharing!


    • Thanks for visiting, Mary. I appreciate your comments. I am familiar with Nourishing Traditions, though my road to discovering it was a long, adventurous one! I took a look at your blog. Lovely pictures. I look forward to reading more also. I’m curious about your “it takes 6 weeks” comment. Is that how long it’s supposed to take your body to be free of gluten?

      Thanks again!

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