GF Green Enchiladas

GF green enchiladas

We’re full swing into our gluten-free diet and for me, grain-free. My husband is almost grain-free, except for the little bit of oats (soaked and dried, as per Nourishing Traditions) in his “Thinking Man’s Breakfast.” It’s been a challenge at times, but well worth it, as my husband’s blood sugar levels are steadily dropping into a normal range and I’ve lost a few pounds. I’ve been reading some interesting things about the possible connection between food allergies and genetically modified foods.

A lot of stuff from my low carb days is coming back to me. I’ve managed to sub almond flour in things like salmon patties and meatloaf. I made coconut flour pancakes for breakfast one morning. And, I remembered what I used to do when tortillas were off the menu. It’s really very easy and we think the taste is comparable. Of course, the longer you go without grains, the better the faux stuff tastes! Anyway, I use a very basic crepe. In fact, it’s so basic, it’s simply eggs. (Need I even say pastured?!) I call them fauxtillas (pronounced, foh tee uhs).
I figure 2 fauxtillas per egg and, for us, 2 fauxtillas is a serving. Put them in a bowl and whisk them well. For added flavor, sprinkle a little ground cumin and garlic powder into them. Oil, then heat a small frying pan on medium heat till hot. Put approximately 2 Tbs of eggs into pan and immediately swirl it all around the bottom of the pan until the bottom (only) is covered. This will be like a super duper thin omelet. It will cook fairly fast, so watch it closely. Once the top has little bubbles and seems somewhat dry, but before bottom starts to turn brown, carefully slide it out of the pan onto a plate.
Continue until all egg is cooked, stacking the fauxtillas off-center (not directly on top of one another) to help prevent sticking.

Take a fauxtilla (is that name becoming obnoxious?) and lay it on a plate. Put a layer of green enchilada sauce with hamburger meat (grass-fed, of course!) in the center of the crepe. (Better?)
Sprinkle grated cheese on top of the meat, carefully fold each side of the crepe over it and turn, so that the seam side is down.
filled fauxtilla
Take another crepe and lay on plate:
Second crepe
More meat in the center:
More meat
More cheese:
More cheese
Fold and turn, then cover these burrito-looking things with more green enchilada sauce and a sprinkle (or two!) of cheese. You can also add in some diced onion if you like, but I was rushing. Alternately, you can lay these in a baking dish, cover with sauce and cheese, and bake at 350o for about 15 minutes, rather than fixing them individually. Garnish with salad or sides of your choice, like faux Spanish rice made with grated cauliflower, and enjoy!

GF green enchilada 2

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  1. Stephanie Thomas says:


  2. Sarah Smith says:

    Mmmm, yes please! I’ve really been missing enchiladas lately.

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