August 20, 2011

I decided to do a quick post while I had a moment, to update all the people who take time to read my blog. Have had a lot going on, which is why I haven’t been posting lately.

My husband was laid off almost 5 months ago when his company outsourced his job. I never thought it would happen, but it did. I also never thought he would be unemployed for 5 months, but guess that’s a relatively short time compared to some people. There was a possible job in Texas, just north of Houston, and he was invited down there for a two week trial period. That didn’t end up working out, but is a possibility for the future. While we were in Texas, he was interviewed by phone for a job in North Dakota. Also, while we were there, I got a call that my sister had had a heart attack. They put some stints in and she seemed to be doing well. Then, just as we were packing up to head home, she took a turn for the worst. We headed to New Mexico instead of home. By the time we got there, my sister was in an induced coma on life support. One week later she died. She was 59 years old. People shouldn’t be dying of heart disease at 59. She left behind a husband, two daughters and five grandchildren (the youngest 4 mths), who all loved her so much and are really struggling to go forward without her.

Rhys and his Nana
My sister, Jan, having a “conversation” with her newest grandbaby.

Jan with her husband and grandchildren
Jan with her husband and grandkids.

Jan and family
My sister with her oldest daughter, stepson, husband, and second youngest grandchild.

We stayed for her memorial service and then headed home. On the first day of our journey home, I got a call that my granddaughter (6 yrs old) had fallen at school and broke her forearm. (You will find her in many of my posts, the most recent the GF Butterfly Cake) By the time we arrived home, the job in North Dakota was a sure thing (though it’s only a one-year contract).

Kaitlyn in her pink cast
Kaitlyn and her pink cast.

We arrived home on Thursday night, beat up from our 4,000 mile trip, emotional upheaval, and all the yucky food we’d consumed. I’ve been scrambling ever since to get things ready so we can leave on Monday. My husband starts his new job on Wednesday and I’ll be looking for a place for us to live. Then I’ll head home to pack up.

It will be hard to say goodbye to my children and grandchildren. It will be hard to start a new life in a new city. But you can bet that I’ll be searching out sources of good food right away. Because, like I said, people shouldn’t be dying of heart disease in their fifties.

Thanks for your patience and I look forward to trying out and posting new recipes when we get settled.

And remember, eat well to be well.